COVID-19 Information

Updated March 10th at 8:00 am CST to coincide with Texas Governor Abbot’s latest Executive Order

As of March 10, 2021, we will change our policy in conjunction with the Governor’s latest Executive Order.

During your visit to Pirates’ Cove Water Park, we ask that guests take precautions, as they see fit, including wearing a mask. You are the primary person responsible for your own preparedness during this time of COVID-19. We cannot guarantee anyone’s safety from any virus or sickness during a visit to Pirates’ Cove Water Park. This means you accept this risk for yourself and those you are visiting with.

If you are sick, have medical vulnerabilities, or are considered at higher risk, please do not come. The only way to eradicate COVID-19 is by avoiding the chance of infecting others. Come at another time when you are well!

We are happy to be back as close to business as usual as possible and deeply saddened by the previous changes we had to make in our operations.

We are closely monitoring the latest Covid-19 requirement updates, as they become available.  We’ll continue to share any updates and stay connected through email and social channels during these unsure times.

Please see our operations calendar for the latest information on our status which is updated with accurate information as soon as possible.